Team View/ Team Control

Be in control of your organization and keep track of who is doing what and who will be doing what tomorrow, this week, this month. This feature makes a must have for all Managers, CEO’s and Directors. This feature helps organizations utilize its human resources to its fullest. The Boss/Line Manager can view/edit Dashboard Task Sheet of subordinates and real time notifications/updates are sent/available.

Dashboard Task Sheet

The premise of is “Plan Your Work and Work Your Plan”. Dashboard Task Sheet is a place where you can keep all your TASKS (to be done by you) in one place and keep track of the same. Just having a sheet showing all TASKS in hand works miracle for your performance. The Dashboard Task Sheet has TSD (Task Set Date), PCD (Planned Completion date) and % Occupancy (estimated time & effort of yours required for the specific task during given period).Task feature enables you to be in full control of your assigned Tasks. You can add, edit and drop your tasks. By setting up occupancy in percentage you can manage your work easily by changing the occupancy. Easy to read Bar Chart showing PCD change Count graphically is also available. You can also drop your task if you do not want to carry it for some reason. Sign up to explore more!

Task List

Task list allows you to view your tasks in an organised fashion & help you view their status at a glance

Task Options

You can get a glance of task starting date, PCD and status of your task you can check by clicking on the buttons for your status.

Daily Activity Sheet

Daily Activity Sheet shows Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow. Here you will keep record of your planned activities for tomorrow. It is a proven fact, that if you plan your activities for the day, a day in advance you get fully prepared for the same. The Daily Activity Sheet insists that you enter your planned activities for tomorrow before 12:00 mid night today. This rule forces you to plan in advance. When you plan for tomorrow, you also submit your comments for the activities status that you had taken for today. A counter for each activity keeps track of number of days the activity has been pending at your hand.
Please note that Daily Activity Sheet should carry the activities that are supposed to be completed in a day “tomorrow”. In case there is any activity that is expected to take more than a day, it should go to Dashboard task Sheet.


Notifications enable the user to be updated, real time about the tasks / activities actions performed by his or her subordinates.


Complete History of Tasks/ Activities is available for every user for further study/ analysis.


Detailed reports are generated with graphical analysis about the tasks and activities associated with the users/corporate.